We offer a personal service, entirely focused on our customers and their individual needs.  Our consulting room allows for complete privacy, providing a calm environment to help our customers in their search for the perfect wig.

The comfort and fit of any wig is imperative.  We take time to ensure the fit is absolutely perfect.  We can always find a style that fits
everyone from petite to large.  We never let a customer buy an ill
fitting wig – we always find an alternative.

We have an extensive range available to suit all ages, styles and
budgets.  We always have a large selection available to try, and are
always happy to order more to try at no obligation.  We work closely
with our customers to ensure we always find the perfect wig.

We can offer a home visiting service where this is better for our customers.  A large selection is always taken to try.  All the customer
needs to have is a comfortable chair and a mirror nearby – we bring the rest!

Getting the prescription organised is very straightforward to do.  We explain the process during the consultation and ensure that this element is as easy and un-daunting as finding you the right wig.

The Process


Contact us today to book in for your free, private and no obligation consultation with one of our experts, at a time that best suits yourself.  There is great flexibility – times are not restricted and evenings and weekends are available


During the consultation, we take time to understand what you are looking for.  Do you want to look the same or have a change of style, do you want the same shade or fancy something different? Whatever your ideas, we take time to try on lots of styles to ensure we find the right one for you.


We show our customers how to fit the wigs themselves, talk through how to care for them and reassure them throughout the entire process.


We can order styles in specifically and always with no obligation.  We understand the importance of getting it right, and always work with our customers to achieve this.


Free consultation

We offer an excellent personal service in a quiet, relaxed and private consulting room where we can take the time to properly understand your needs.